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Our Story 

                 It has always been a dream of mine to do a production geared for younger students.  I knew it was time, during the month of October 2016, to change my dream to a plan. A plan that began rather terrifying. We began with nothing. No money, no actors, no tech, no show, no set, no costume, literally nothing. Well I take that back, it began with the support of my wonderful mother (Stacy Aldridge),my passion and dream, and a whole lot of ambition.  We began calculating our first production we were planning, Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR.  Realizing very quickly, this was not going to be an easy task. We held a meeting with some students and parents to see if anyone was even interested, 19 people came. I knew that I needed at least 30 actors for this show to even remotely happen. We advertised the audition like nobody’s business. The day of the audition came, and I knew that this determined whether there would be a show. 49 students came to the audition. We hit the ground running; raising money, rehearsing, ordering costumes. And everyday I was more and more amazed by the talent and passion that these students had. After 2 months of rehearsal, magic happened on stage. But it was not only what happened in rehearsal that made this show possible. It was the parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, sponsors, and so many more. It really did take a village, and I will be forever grateful that my village took a chance and believed in me. 

               That was the beginning of the TheatrEdge that exist today. I believe the future is bright, and have complete trust in the His plan. Thank you for support these students, the arts, and TheatrEdge. 

                                                                                   -Leah Mae Aldridge 

                                                                                      TheatrEdge Founder


Our Mission 


Our mission is to provide a safe, encouraging, and creative environment for students in the Northeast Arkansas area. We believe in kindness, work ethnic, and teamwork. Through the art of performing, theatre, dance, and acting, all of these things are found. We simply believe in the art form and in these wonderful students, and are thankful that others do as well.

Teamwork | Love | Kindness | Theatre 


Meet our staff! 

Leah Mae Aldridge- Headshot.jpg

Leah Mae Aldridge 

TheatrEdge Founder | Executive Director



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